Don’t let the pigeon write the book.

Mo Willems. I love his books. My favorite might be Leonardo the Terrible Monster, but I can’t discount Knuffle Bunny or the Naked Mole Rat. And I just got a new one a couple weeks ago that’s a Goldilocks-esque story but with the three Dinosaurs, and it ends with the most amazing life message ever.

Thanks to the twitters and my favorite geek mom, Amy Kraft, I just discovered the script of a talk from Mo Willems that talks about his creative process when designing for kids. And while I may not share in his opinions of the bleak future when considering books and technology, his thoughts about how to design in a way that lets kids and their imagination become a part of the experience really resonated with me, and has implications for the design of both digital and analog play/story spaces. It’s a highly suggested read.

Here it is. Read it. Think about it. Let’s talk.

EDIT: Yeah, turns out it’s PIGEON, not PIDGEON. Too bad the title line didn’t give the little red indicator of spelling mistake in the blog post. Maybe it’s because I call all my birds by a name, as if they’re all personal buddies. So I’ve got Anna, Rufus, Jay, and Pidge. New learning device to not repeat the error: Pidge is a PIG. Got it. Either way, it’s kinda fixed now. Except for the link. So… yeah. That.

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